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My name is Natalie, owner and operator of The Natural Nest. I am happily married to my amazing husband Ron and we have 3 beautiful children. I have a degree in Applied Science with a focus in Veterinary Technology. I have experience in surgical nursing, biomedical research, general medicine, exotics, and holistic veterinary medicine.


Our journey to wellness began like so many others, with an eye opening and very scary experience. In 2013 my husband and I gave birth to our first child. Like most new parents, we tried to make the best decisions that we could with the information that we were given. Unfortunately our daughter experienced reactions to pharmaceuticals which prompted me to gradually transition to a more natural lifestyle. In 2015, while pregnant with our second child, both my daughter and I were diagnosed with the flu. My daughter was prescribed a medication and once again had a terrifying reaction after the first dose. It was then that I learned of a locally made elderberry syrup and its health benefits. Our symptoms subsided shortly after starting the elixir and I was sold! I loved the syrup that we were buying but felt like I could add a few other ingredients, such as fresh ginger root, to make it even better. I started experimenting with high quality ingredients making very small batches until I found a recipe that my family loved. I started sharing my syrup with family and friends and it organically grew into a small business. 

 Our first sales were out of the trunk of my SUV in random parking lots on both the Northshore and Southshore. We then got a spot at the Abita Farmers Market where my whole family would come out and help run the booth. I couldn't believe how fast word spread and just how many people loved our product. For the first several years The Natural Nest was a wonderful side business but in 2019, after the birth of our 3rd child, I was able to stay home with her and make elderberry syrup full time. I am so very grateful for each and every person that has supported my dream along with our loyal distributors that carry our syrup. It is such an honor to serve my community by sharing wellness. I promise to never compromise on quality and to always deliver a premium product for you and your family. 

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